Program Highlights

Programs for Students

Wellness Center

Our wellness center provides wraparound services to ensure that students have the support they need to thrive. The Bret Harte wellness center is staffed by a devoted team including a social worker and social work interns, a school nurse, AmeriCorps volunteers, our family liaison, a student advisor and our treasured family member, our  therapy dog, Penny. 

Beacon After-School Program

In partnership with Bay Area Community Resources, Beacon provides an engaging student experience focused on academic enrichment, support with homework, exercise and arts, cooking classes, chess and other activities. Beacon offers programming each school day until 6:00 p.m.

America SCORES Bay Area

Home to the largest soccer field in the city, Bret Harte Elementary has an extensive intramural athletics program to help all students get active. Students at Bret Harte Elementary can always be seen on the field playing a pickup game and learning the importance of sportsmanship and collaboration. 


We partner with Playworks at recess and during lunch to energize students and help them build valuable social and emotional life skills through the power of fun, explorative learning.

Bret Harte Dance Team

 Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to join a traveling dance team where they learn to express themselves and get a chance to perform at community centers throughout San Francisco. 

SF Symphony Adventures in Music (AIM) Program

In partnership with the San Francisco symphony and opera, Bret Harte students have the opportunity to learn from and perform with professional musicians.  Exposure to the arts of this culturally-rich City is a top priority for us at Bret Harte. By fourth and fifth grade, many students are already blossoming into musicians, practicing and performing with their chosen instrument. 

Friends of the Children Mentoring

Through Friends of the Children, students are matched with a mentor from the community who they meet with regularly (in person or via Zoom) to foster a meaningful and trusting relationship. Mentors often take their mentees on outings, and are there to celebrate their victories and to offer support and advice on challenges from first grade through high school graduation.