Moscone ES Prospective Families

Why Choose Moscone?

Cantonese & Spanish Biliteracy Pathway Programs

K-5th grade students develop academic & cultural competency in English, Cantonese or Spanish.

High Teacher Retention

Moscone boasts a high teacher retention rate that speaks volumes to our strong school community! Our ability to retain veteran staff translates to stability, consistency, and continuity for our students.

Parent Club

Get involved with our parent club! Parents meet weekly to build community, fundraise, and plan community events

Las Americas Pre-Kinder Program

This program offers Spanish and Cantonese Dual Language Instruction.

Feeder Middle School - Herbert Hoover

Students from Moscone typically go to Herbert Middle School, which offeris Cantonese & Spanish Pathway Programs for Grades 6-8. There is round trip school bus transportation from Moscone to Hoover.

This page was last updated on March 22, 2024