Jose Ortega Elementary School

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  • School Type

    Early Education, Elementary School (PreK, TK, K, 1-5)
  • Estimated Enrollment

  • Principal

    • Paula Antram
  • Assistant Principal(s)

    • Betty Cheung
  • Hours

    Mo - Tu: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
    We: 7:50 am-12:50 pm
    Th - Fr: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
    • PreK

      • MTThF 7:45am-2:05pm
      • W 8:50am-12:50pm
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    8 a.m. - 9 a.m. on select Thursdays from October to January. An appointment is necessary. Please follow this link to RSVP for a date that works for you.

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  • Neighborhood

    Ocean View
  • School Bus

    94117, 94122, 94124, 94132, 94134
  • School Meals

    Breakfast, Lunch, After School Supper

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  • School Code

  • Jose Ortega Elementary School, a culturally diverse school, provides a rich, stimulating program that challenges all students to reach their fullest potential. Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to fit the needs of all students. Students, parents, and staff work cooperatively to sustain a positive school climate. We strive to communicate honestly with parents in a culture of service. There are numerous opportunities for parent involvement in school activities such as Family Nights, the Greening Team, UMOJA Cultural Day, Lunar New Year Events and Dia De Los Muertos.

    We offer many programs to accommodate all of our students. Our Mandarin Immersion program helps students develop Mandarin language skills. Our Full Inclusion, RSP and Speech programs ensure that children in Special Education have their Individual Education Plans met. Our Special Day Pre-K Program provides a structured curriculum for 3, 4, and 5 year olds that qualify for the mild/moderate program. We believe that a high and equitable level of student achievement can be achieved by having easy access to mental health services.

    Many opportunities augment the academic curriculum at Ortega. Students receive 100 minutes of physical education weekly. Our community garden and our greening projects are connected with science education. The Stonestown YMCA runs an onsite afterschool program that provides a nurturing environment for our students. Additional programs offered at Ortega include social awareness programs (penny and can drives), performance opportunities, kickball and cheerleading teams, Ocean's week, and the 5th grade camping trip.

  • Before School Programs

    Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8:15 AM.
  • After School Programs

    YMCA (on-site), Stelle Chavez, until 6pm.
  • Language Programs

    • Mandarin Dual Language Immersion
  • Special Education Programs

    • PreK Special Day Class
    • Resource Specialist Program Services
  • School Day Academic Enrichment

    • Computer carts
    • English literacy interventionist
    • Science lab
    • STEAM (science; technology; engineering; arts; mathematics)
  • Arts Enrichment

    • Arts residency
    • Ceramics
    • Gardening
    • Instrumental music
    • Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)
    • Writing or poetry
    Visual and performing arts (grades PreK-5)
    Instrumental music (grades 4-5)
  • Student Support Programs

    • Family liaison
    • Mentoring
    • Social worker
School Data

Application Data

General education entry grade seats per application: 19%
  • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

    School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are required by state law and are intended to provide families with important information.

  • School Accountability Highlights

    Published annually by SFUSD to provide access to key data points and three-year trends related to student achievement and school culture-climate. The highlights are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

  • Social-Emotional and Culture Climate Report

    SFUSD annually surveys families and school staff on a range of school climate indicators that have been found to predict positive student academic achievement. The social-emotional learning of students in grades 4-12 is also assessed.

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    400 Sargent Street, San Francisco, CA, 94132
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Map showing the location of the school.
Jose Ortega Elementary School
PreK, TK, K, 1-5
400 Sargent Street, San Francisco, 94132
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Mo - Tu: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
We: 7:50 am-12:50 pm
Th - Fr: 7:50 am-2:05 pm