Leola Havard Early Education School Move for August 2022/2023 School Year

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Dear  Leola Havard Early Education School Families,

This letter is to share some updates about the Leola Havard building and programs. You may be aware that there have been some issues with elements of the Oakdale side of the Leola Havard building. These issues prevent us from opening some of our windows, and led to the closure of a section of our PreK play yard. Our Facilities team has taken measures to prevent further safety concerns, however, has recommended that the District modernize the building to ensure its safe and full use for our programs.

A building modernization project will eventually require the many programs that operate within the Leola Havard building to relocate.  With this in mind, planning is underway and will start by prioritizing a move for the 6 Leola Havard PreK classrooms (2 PreK Special Day Classes and 4 PreK General Education Classes).  These classrooms have been designated to “co-locate” to George Washington Carver E.S.

After careful consideration the Carver E.S. campus was chosen for a variety of reasons:

  • Carver E.S is located at 1360 Oakdale Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124 which is approximately 0.3 miles  (equivalent to a 2 min drive) from Leola Havard and is accessible by public transportation. By choosing a location that is close by, we hope to minimize family travel to and from the school.
  • Carver E.S. has space for all the PK classrooms, sensory motor room and office and has plenty of safe outdoor space for young students.  Students will once again have quality opportunities for outdoor learning and will be able to continue instruction in a developmentally appropriate setting.
  • The Carver E.S. community is receptive and welcomes the opportunity to have PK students and families.  There are many PreK classrooms on elementary school campuses throughout SFUSD, which allow for wonderful opportunities for families to get to know each other across grade levels PreK-5th grade.

Additional helpful information to keep in mind.

  • Once the classrooms have relocated, they will be called “Leola Havard PreK @ George Washington Carver”
  • Principal Lewis will continue as the Principal for both the PreK and OST programs.
  • Leola Havard PreK will keep the same staff as before
  • All of the other Leola Havard building windows are safe and operable, which means that if you have students in the OST or Shoestrings program, these programs will remain in the building for the time being until later building modernization plans include these spaces.

We hope that by sharing this information with you, it will give you insight into current and future plans for the Leola Havard building.  As soon as the SFUSD planning team has more information including details for the move, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.



Meenoo Yashar

Chief of the Early Education Department

San Francisco Unified School District

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