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    County School (13)
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    • Kara Schinella
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  • AccessSFUSD: Project Search is a one year intensive internship at Kaiser Hospital eligible to qualified students in their final year of their AccessSFUSD program


    About AccessSFUSD

    AccessSFUSD is a community based program for special education students ages 18-22.  In AccessSFUSD students work on developing key skills and experiences in the community setting, and reinforce those skills with on-site functional academics.  Building independence, developing self-advocacy, utilizing public transportation, interpersonal and independent living skills, work & volunteer experiences, personal development, and functional academics allow students to become more active members in their homes and communities.   

    Download our brochure for more information: Español | 中文 | Tagalog | Tiếng Việt


    AccessSFUSD Eligibility

    • Ages 18-22

    • Has completed 12th grade

    • On a certificate of completion track

    • Has an IEP


    AccessSFUSD Mission Statement

    AccessSFUSD is a community based program for students 18-22 with disabilities.  We focus on teaching functional life skills within the community setting.

    San Francisco IS our campus.

    We strive to help students discover their passions, unlock their potential, and become involved members of the community.  We offer an individualized program that works with each student’s goals and interests to further develop their skills, gain vocational experience, and to create self-determined individuals who are active in their community.

  • Special Education Programs

    • ACCESS - Adult Transition Services
    Curricular Activities Include -

    ● Self -help/Advocacy Skills
    ● Leadership Opportunities
    ● Work Training: Skills,
    Experiences in Real Work
    Situations, etc.
    ● Travel Training/Safety Skills
    ● Community-Based Instruction
    ● Continuing Education
    ● Increasing Independence
    ● Life Skills
    ● Health and Wellness
    ● Nutrition & Cooking Skills
    ● Communication/Social Skills
    ● Problem Solving
    ● And Much More!
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    2425 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA, 94115