Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

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    Early Education, Elementary School (TK, K, 1-5)
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  • Principal

    • Diane Lau-Yee
  • Assistant Principal(s)

    • Corrina McGraw
  • Hours

    Mo - Tu: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
    We: 7:50 am-12:50 pm
    Th - Fr: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
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  • Uniforms Policy

    Fridays and field trips: Students wear school colors (royal blue and yellow) or school mascot "Dolphin" t-shirts and sweatshirts
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  • Neighborhood

    Outer Sunset
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    Breakfast, Lunch, After School Supper

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  • School Code

  • Borrowing from the thoughts of Robert Louis Stevenson, we believe that we are a success when we leave the world better than we found it, if we look for the best in others and give the best we have. Our mission to guide the development of a well-rounded human being who has the ability, skills, and attitude to contribute positively to self, family, community, and society. We want to prepare our students for responsible life in a free society. We want our students to understand the need for peace, tolerance, equality, and friendship among all people. At Stevenson, all students and families will be treated fairly regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic standing, gender, or ability level; and all students have equal opportunity to experience the core curriculum and receive high quality instruction. We use all available resources; time, budget, support programs, grants, instructional and enrichment materials to provide, to the best of our ability, whatever is necessary for each student to succeed.

    Through a nurturing and learning-friendly environment, students enjoy learning new information and ideas and develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Our school program provides many opportunities for the students to be rigorously challenged with 21st Century Learning and engage in authentic learning experiences in and out of the classroom. Academic programs include a functioning elementary school library, staffed by a credentialed library media teacher, computer learning and lab, math tutoring, literacy intervention, peer tutoring, reading buddies, and Lincoln Teacher Academy volunteers. Our school works closely with the ExCEL, KEEP, and Mandarin All-Star afterschool programs to create and sustain "safe havens" at public schools where students and community members can access expanded learning opportunities and integrated education, health, social service, and cultural programs in the out-of-school hours. Our PTA helps fund programs such as Education Outside, Playworks, Art Education, and enrichment field trips. Together, we foster a culture of service-learning through leadership opportunities, modeling healthy community practices.

  • After School Programs

    KEEP, 2:05 (12:50 Wednesdays) to 5:40 p.m.: fee-based afterschool program offered to grades K-5. Call 415-564-2741.

    ExCEL, 2nd - 5th grade, 2:05 (12:50 Wednesdays) to 6:00 p.m. : run in partnership with the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Program.

    Fee-based programs: All-Star Mandarin and Academic Chess
  • Special Education Programs

    • Resource Specialist Program Services
    • Separate class - Mild/moderate
  • School Day Academic Enrichment

    • Computer carts
    • Computer lab
    • Education Outside
    • English literacy interventionist
    • Project-based learning
    • STEAM (science; technology; engineering; arts; mathematics)
    • Technology teacher
    • Tutoring in school
  • Arts Enrichment

    • Gardening
    • Performing arts
    • Visual arts
    Artist-in-residence program: each year, the staff decides what the artistic focus will be, and a lead teacher organizes the residencies with the principal. This year, the focus is on visual and performing arts.
  • Student Support Programs

    • Family liaison
    • Social worker
School Data

Application Data

General education entry grade seats per application: 11%
  • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

    School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are required by state law and are intended to provide families with important information.

  • School Accountability Highlights

    Published annually by SFUSD to provide access to key data points and three-year trends related to student achievement and school culture-climate. The highlights are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

  • Social-Emotional and Culture Climate Report

    SFUSD annually surveys families and school staff on a range of school climate indicators that have been found to predict positive student academic achievement. The social-emotional learning of students in grades 4-12 is also assessed.

  • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

    School communities gather twice a year to review data and previous actions in order to intentionally plan for the coming months. The School Plan for Student Achievement is the template on which this review and stakeholder engagement process is codified.

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    2051 34th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94116
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Map showing the location of the school.
Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School
TK, K, 1-5
2051 34th Avenue, San Francisco, 94116
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Mo - Tu: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
We: 7:50 am-12:50 pm
Th - Fr: 7:50 am-2:05 pm