Moscone ES Academics

Academics at Moscone

Moscone is one of the only SFUSD elementary schools that offers English only, Spanish Biliteracy, and Cantonese Biliteracy programs under the same roof. Our team of collaborative and dedicated educators design rigorous academic programs that emphasize the Common Core standards as well as socio-emotional learning to nourish the whole child.

We infuse socio- emotional learning, technology, and performing and visual arts with the core curriculum to provide a well-rounded educational experience that attends to the needs of each and every child. We prepare our students to be multilingual critical thinkers and the leaders of tomorrow.

Biliteracy Pathway K – 5th grade

Spanish Bilingual & Cantonese Bilingual

In the Biliteracy Pathway, students develop proficiency, literacy and academic competency in both English and the student’s primary language. As of August 2015, our programs now provide instruction in Spanish and Chinese kindergarten through 5th grade. 

English Language Development K – 5th grade

Intensive English Program

Provides English Language Learners with the opportunity to acquire English and to access the core curriculum.  All instruction is provided in English.

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