Meet Carver's Principal & Vice Principal

Principal Manning

picture of Principal ManningHello! My name is Makaela Manning, and I am the principal of Dr. George Washington Carver Academic Elementary School! As a San Francisco native who has been away exploring and studying education around the world, I am excited to return to my home city to live and lead schools. Here at Carver, we are excited about reading each and every day! We know that our daily attendance in schools is what helps us reach our goals. We also care deeply about our personal health and wellness so that we can bring our full and complete selves to the learning environment. We call that LAW: Literacy! Attendance! Wellness! It’s the Carver Way! Please visit our website and call or email for enrollment details. Looking forward to meeting you!

Vice Principal Ari

Photograph of Carver Vice Principal Vani Ari My name is Vani Ari, and I am the vice principal of Dr. George Washington Carver Academic Elementary School. I have had different career paths but being an educator is one that I feel the most passionate about, because of the impact that can be made on the lives of students. I was an English language learner and had some great teachers in school that helped me become a successful student. My teachers saw my strengths, nurtured my talents, and helped me develop into a lifelong learner. I want to be part of the change that can positively impact the lives of students, as a way to give back to the community. As your assistant principal, it is important to me that everyone that steps through our doors is excited to be here! Learning is fun, and I want everyone to feel that positivity.I am here to support everyone to meet that goal. I'm looking forward to getting to know your child and family.