Spring Fundraising Party

Support George Peabody

The George Peabody Elementary fundraising party is a fun and festive way for our community to come together and support the PTA-sponsored programs that are critical to our school’s success.

It’s no secret that school funding from government sources frequently isn’t enough to provide all of the services and programs that schoolchildren need, want, and deserve.  At George Peabody, we address this gap through a long history of active fundraising led by our PTA.  Thanks to generous donations from parents, extended family and friends, and local businesses in our community, we are able to provide an array of important programs for our students that otherwise would not be available.

PTA-funded programs at George Peabody include:

  • School Counselor to provide social-emotional and academic support to our children and families.
  • Math and science supplemental teacher to provide our students with additional support in these subjects.
  • Peabody Works Program to provide extra physical education programming.
  • Language and Literacy Teacher to provide individual and group instruction to students needing extra support.
  • Outdoor Education Teacher to deliver hands-on science education and help our students be stewards of the environment.
  • Art, music, drama, and science programs
  •  Field trips and community events
  • Classroom materials and supplies (paper, pencils, and other basics)
  • Professional development for teachers

How To Help

We invite all members of the community to attend the fundraising party, to be held on Saturday, March 16 2024.  Click here for tickets.

We also deeply appreciate support from our local business community. Sponsorship packages ranging from $100 to $5,000 are available. Donations of products and/or services for the silent auction are gratefully accepted as well.

Please contact Christina Clemm at donations@gppta.org for details.

This page was last updated on February 14, 2024