Peabody ES Child Drop-Off Procedures

Child Drop-Off Procedures

To all parents and guardians who drop off their children in the morning:

  • Do not double-park or drop off on Sixth Avenue; Sixth Avenue is for bus drop-off only

  • Please remember to drop off your children on Seventh Avenue on the far side of the yard, closer to California Street, to allow room for other cars to fill in behind you

  • Pull as far forward as possible

  • Do not get out of your car unless the volunteer parents are not there

  • Do not park across the street and jaywalk your kids across; this is both dangerous and illegal

Thank you! Our kids' safety is first and foremost.

A Peabody parent started the curbside drop-off program several years ago and we continue to be the beneficiaries of that initiative. This will be my 17th year at Peabody and each of those years I've witnessed parents (and staff) step forward to make innovative changes at our school.

The intent of this program was to make the morning drop off safer for kids and more convenient for parents. The service has been very successful but it needs parents to make it work. We need parents to assist with this 100% volunteer endeavor.

This page was last updated on September 14, 2021