Micah Melton - Teacher Librarian

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Library Hours

Monday through Friday
8:15am to 3:45pm

Teacher Librarian
Micah Melton, M.Ed., M.A., M.L.I.S.
415-695-5700 ext. 3214

Please remember to observe our No Food or Beverage policy

Thanks For Your Cooperation!

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Ask the Librarian for passwords if you are logging in from a computer that is not on the SFUSD network.

New Printer Station

The library now has a special printer station. All printing must be done from the two computers that are closest to the printer. You may work at any library computer, but then you must:

1) save your file to a USB (thumb) drive or to your Google drive.

2) Go to one of the Printing Station computers, call up your file, and select "Print" from the File menu.

3) From the drop-down Printer menu, select "Brother HL ..." and then hit "Print" again.

Find your lost items

Have You Lost Something?

Textbooks, jackets, water bottles and other items are frequently left in the library. If you are missing any personal items or textbooks, please check with the librarian. After 1-2 weeks, Lost & Found items are brought to the main office.

Library Annual Report

Click here to view the Academy SF Library annual report.

Brand New Subscription Database

Gale Science in Context

The library has upgraded its science database to Gale Science in Context. Now you can access excellent, timely information and research on science topics. Gale has been been a respected academic publishing institution since 1954, publishing print and electronic resources for K-12 through university level. Please take advantage of this very useful database for your next science-related project or research assignment. When accessing the database from off-campus, the password is sotacad.

Search SF Public Library

Can't find what you need at the SOTA/Academy Library? Click on this link to find more information by searching SFPL's Articles and Databases webpage.

Evaluating Web Research Sources

When writing a paper or research project, how do you know if information from a website is reliable? Here are some ways to find out:

Evaluating Information

Taking the SAT?

Juniors and seniors should take the SAT, an important college entrance exam. Come and check out these helpful test-prep books, located on the Library's "Career Center" shelves. (The librarian will be happy to help you find them.) Here are just SOME of the library's SAT prep books; click HERE or use the Library Catalog search box below to see more!