Wellness Center

About The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is here for you!  The Wellness Center at Academy is a resource center available to all students.  Wellness can support you with everything from food, first aid, information and referrals, workshops and classroom presentations, to individual and group counseling services related to any issue affecting your life.  The Wellness Center is a safe and confidential space where you can seek support for yourself or your peers. Adult allies such as school staff and family members can also refer students to Wellness for support. Students can drop in or be seen by appointment.  We are open daily during school hours. Come by and check it out!


In addition to the above staff, we will coordinate with counselors, case managers, group facilitators, and interns from community based organizations (CBOs) and universities who will provide support services for students on a weekly basis.

Wellness Center Hours

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday -  Friday by appointment

Student Drop-In Hours are during passing period, lunch and after school.

Students can be seen by appointment throughout the school day.

Refer a student

Parents/Guardians can refer students to the ASF Wellness Center by calling 415-695-5701 or visiting the ASF Wellness Center. Students can also self-refer or refer a friend to the Wellness Center.

Hotlines & Resources


SF Suicide Prevention 24 Hour hotline:


National SF Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Huckleberry House 24 Hour Youth Crisis Shelter


Youth Crisis Text Line:

Text "Start" to 741-741

Spanish Suicide Prevention  Hotline:


Legal Services for Children:




TAYSF Transitional Age Youth Resources

Legal Services for Children

Adolescent Health Resources

Additional Adolescent Health Resources

Teen Dating Violence resources

Additional Teen Dating Violence Resources

Know Your Rights resource

Multi-issue youth and family resource

Adolescent Health Working Group