Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for answers to the frequently asked questions.  If your question is not answered here, please email AccessSFUSDtheArc@gmail.com. 

Who is eligible for Access programs?

To be eligible, students must: 

  • be ages 18-22
  • have an IEP
  • be on certificate of completion track

How many students are in a program?

Each Access class has a maximum of 10 students.  Since AccessSFUSD: The Arc has 2 teachers, there is a maximum of 20 students for the site.

What is your staffing?

Each classroom of ten students has one classroom teacher and three paraprofessionals.  Students receiving intensive individual support (formerly called 1:1s) will also have the additional staffing in the program.

What does the program day look like?

8:40-8:45 Students Arrive
8:45-9:00 Morning Check In
9:00-10:00 Functional Academics
10:00-2:00 Community Instruction
2:00-2:20 IEP Focus Groups
2:20 Dismissal

Is there an opportunity for students to earn a paycheck?

Schedule permitting, students can be paid for their internship while at AccessSFUSD: The Arc.  Students who are clients of the Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC) will receive compensation through the Paid Internship Program (PIP).  Students who are not GGRC clients can be compensated through the SFUSD funded WorkAbility Program.


Funds earned for student's internship will NOT effect SSI benefits.  Talk to your Access program teacher for more information.

Do students still qualify for related services?

Yes.  If your student related services in their IEP such as speech therapy, orientation mobility, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or counseling, those services will remain in effect as long as they are in the IEP.  

Can my student still take the school bus to school?

If transportation is a service in your student's IEP, that service will continue in Access.  As our program focuses on promoting independence we strategically teach travel training skills to students daily in the community.  If appropriate, we work with students and families to get students off of transportation and to utilize public transportation to commute to and from school.  Transportation eligibility is discussed annually at the IEP.

Will my student have school in the summer?

Extended school year  (ESY) provides daily instruction for 5 weeks during the summer.  Eligibility for ESY is an IEP team decision and discussed annually at the IEP.

Will my student have access to school lunch?

Students eligible for free and reduced lunch remain eligible in the Access program.  Since we are not on a comprehensive site, only students requesting this at the beginning of the year will have a packaged lunch delivered.  Your Access teacher will facilitate this depending on your preference for school or home lunch.

How can I prepare my student for the Access program?

Please ensure students have the following items:

  • RTC discount transportation pass
  • California ID
  • Current case with the Golden Gate Regional Center (if qualified)
  • Wrist watch & reusable water bottle
  • Positive attitude!

How can I support my student's advocacy?

Make sure your student is registered to vote, has an awareness and understanding of their disability and what accommodations or support they need to be successful, practice riding public transportation with them, make sure they have an effective way to communicate, is aware of their goals, and involved in all meetings or discussions about themselves.

How do I get my student into an Access program?

Eligible students must apply through the educational placement center and will be placed with a program based on the SFUSD lottery system.

Are there any opportunities for students after the program day?

SFUSD does not offer any after school programs for students 18-22.  Some students participate with the Pomeroy Rec and Rehab Center after school and respite program.  The Arc San Francisco offers "Friends Like Me" afternoon and evening events, see the Arc SF website for details.  Some students who are use public transportation independently make plans to socialize after school hours.

Will my student be eligible to earn a diploma and go to an Access program?

Students in the Access program are on certificate of completion track and will not receive a high school diploma.  Students in an Access program cannot go back to high school to work towards earning a diploma.