Mission Statement

At Bret Harte School we provide academically rigorous, standards-based instruction focusing on Language Arts, Math and Science. Students learn in an environment that values their individual identities, nurtures independence and challenges them to be critical thinkers. We enable students to advocate for themselves and others by forming strong, positive relationships with their peers and adults in our school community. Bret Harte School provides the appropriate support and services needed to meet the unique needs of each student and family within our community. We honor, promote and teach the value of bilingualism, bi-literacy and multiculturalism in both our Dual-Immersion and English Plus programs. Bret Harte School teachers and staff are committed educators that work collaboratively to deliver a rigorous standards-based curriculum using instructional practices that promote higher levels of learning driven by student engagement and performance data. Our teacher and staff professional development focuses on building our capacity in balanced literacy, Common Core State Standards for Language Arts and Math and infusing Restorative Practices and Second Step programs. Bret Harte students are the leaders of tomorrow. They are motivated critical thinkers; college and career ready. They embody a strong sense of self and compassion for others. Students possess a love for learning and problem-solving and willingness to take risks. Students leave Bret Harte students are innovative and confident.Bret Harte students ready to shape the community and world around them!

This page was last updated on August 1, 2023