Commodore Stockton History


The Commodore Stockton Annex building was built in 1924, with Bond money to accommodate the increase in number of students beyond the 900 students already attending the elementary school across the street. By the late 1920's, the elementary school barrier was broken and Chinese students were no longer confined to Chinatown. As a result, the elementary school began losing their students.

In the 1980's, Commodore Stockton Annex changed to Commodore Stockton Child Development Center to emphasize the importance of understanding a child's development in the early years and its effect on a child's growth, learning, and later success in school. Its enrollment was 248 students.

Starting the summer of 2009, a major building project was slated at the school site. The building was painted inside and out. New lights were put in, flooring replaced, and new windows and doors were put in. Shelves with dry erase boards were added to each classroom. A new play structure went up on the rooftop playground. New construction of elevator made the building accessible for everyone. A ribbon cutting took place on Wednesday June 23, 2010 to celebrate the newly remodeled building, which was renamed to Commodore Stockton Early Education School. 

Today, Commodore Stockton Early Education school proudly serves the Chinatown community with an enrollment of 306 students.

This page was last updated on September 20, 2023