Super Me!

Super Me! Being Respectful, Compassionate, Safe, and a Scholar

Virtual Super Me!

  • Being Respectful - Taking turns and listening to your classmates
  • Being Compassionate - Using chat function to shout out a classmate
  • Being Safe - You have your video on and your mic off
  • Being a Scholar - You are showing up to Zoom lessons on time

Be a Super Me!


A Group Of Male And Female Superheroes

Be a “Super Me”


Be Respectful 

Be Safe

Be Compassionate


Be Scholarly

  • Follow adult directions
  • Attentive listening
  • Mutual respect
  • Get adult help when needed
  • Walk in the school building
  • Keep hands, body and objects to yourself
  • Keep hoodies off inside the building
  • Use kind words and actions (please, thank you, you’re welcome)
  • Wait for your turn
  • Follow school and classroom expectations
  • Take proper care of school equipment
  • Keep toys, electronics, and hard balls at home