We Need Your Support

Why is PTA fundraising important to this school?

Students and teachers at Flynn need your support. This neighborhood public school relies on people like you to support the enriched education of its children, despite the gaps left by budget cuts. Help us to continue the important work of developing an incredible educational program for our youth by donating or volunteering to our school.

There are many ways to help, from simply shopping on Amazon using our school link to attending events and everywhere in between. Any act or donation no matter how large or small helps.

How much has the PTA raised?

The PTA has raised an average of over $80,000 every year since 2011. 

Where do PTA dollars go?

  • Playworks (organized and supervised recess)
  • Field trips to wonderful places like Mission Science Workshop
  • Garden science curriculum
  • New technology equipment for teachers and students
  • Arts programming
  • School beautification and teacher appreciation
  • Teacher and staff supplies
  • 5th grade graduation costs
  • And so much more...

Any amount helps! In the past, families have donated anywhere from $10 to $5,000. The suggested annual donation for the PTA is $365, or $1 a day.

Tax Deductible

Donations are tax deductible as allowed by tax laws. Flynn PTA tax ID: 56-2587473.

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This page was last updated on March 10, 2020