Breakfast and Lunch


Marina Middle School Breakfast & Lunch

Marina is a CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) school site, so everyone (yes everyone) eats for free regardless of family income. Breakfast, lunch and if you are in the Afterschool Program, supper.

CEP Program Details

Meal Form Information

We have received a few questions from parents asking about the online school lunch form available at If you would prefer to fill out the old paper form, please download here or ask for a copy from the school secretary.

You you would prefer not to state your household income on the SchoolCafe form, we spoke with Noelia Oropeza, the Office Manager in Student Nutrition Services and she suggested the following.

Use the paper form

  • Please fill out STEP 1, the student's information.
  • For parents who know they do not qualify, in STEP 2 check the box and in STEP 3 please print "Do not qualify"
  • Please fill out STEP 6 and STEP 7, the parent/guardian information, and please sign the form.
  • For parents that are unsure if they qualify, they can find out more information from this information page here LINK. This form details the program, eligibility guidelines, etc.
  • Return the form to your teacher or the school secretary