Miraloma Elementary School

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  • Mission: Miraloma Elementary School is the home of a diverse and inclusive community that respects and celebrates the differences and strengths of each member. Our mission is to nurture the whole child through dynamic and authentic learning experiences that spark their curiosity and guide them to uncover new interests, passions and creative expression. Teachers, parents and administration work together to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to discover new things and embrace mistakes as learning opportunities as students grow towards independence.

    Vision: Our goal is for all students at Miraloma to enjoy learning and achieve their personal best. We aim to guide all students to become resourceful and resilient lifelong learners who persevere when presented with academic, social and emotional challenges. We strive to teach students to be active participants in their community and advocates for social justice. We wish for students to leave Miraloma with a solid foundation for success, knowing that they have the tools needed to navigate the changing world.

  • After School Programs

    STONESTOWN YMCA on school premises, until 6pm. Visit http://www.miralomaschool.com/main/after-school-programs.html for more information.
  • Special Education Programs

    • Resource Specialist Program Services
    • Separate class - Mild/moderate with autism focus
  • School Day Academic Enrichment

    • Computer carts
    • Education Outside
    • English literacy interventionist
    • STEAM (science; technology; engineering; arts; mathematics)
  • Arts Enrichment

    • Art Class
    • Ceramics
    • Choir
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Music program
    • Performing arts
    • STEAM
    • Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)
  • Student Support Programs

    • Social worker
    • Student adviser
School Data

Application Data

General education entry grade seats per application: 11%
  • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

    School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) are required by state law and are intended to provide families with important information.

  • School Accountability Highlights

    Published annually by SFUSD to provide access to key data points and three-year trends related to student achievement and school culture-climate. The highlights are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Filipino, and Vietnamese.

  • Social-Emotional and Culture Climate Report

    SFUSD annually surveys families and school staff on a range of school climate indicators that have been found to predict positive student academic achievement. The social-emotional learning of students in grades 4-12 is also assessed.

  • School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

    School communities gather twice a year to review data and previous actions in order to intentionally plan for the coming months. The School Plan for Student Achievement is the template on which this review and stakeholder engagement process is codified.

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    175 Omar Way, San Francisco, CA, 94127
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Miraloma Elementary School
TK, K, 1-5
175 Omar Way, San Francisco, 94127
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Mo - Tu: 7:50 am-2:05 pm
We: 7:50 am-12:50 pm
Th - Fr: 7:50 am-2:05 pm