Yard Upgrade Summer 2020

Sanchez yard improvements Summer 2020

Sanchez Elementary yardIn June and July of 2020, Sanchez Elementary made a number of significant improvements to the play yard. The project included resurfacing and re-striping the asphalt surface, replacement of the basketball hoops, improvements to the Dr. Raymond Isola Peace Park, and installation of a climbing wall. See below for photos chronicling the work.

Many, many thanks to:

  • DRYCO Construction, Inc. (our contractor)
  • Salesforce Foundation (for grant to purchase the magnet wall and other supplies)
  • Sanchez Elementary PTA (for supporting the overall project)
  • Simon Reyes, District Architect, SFUSD Facilities, Design and Construction
  • Mary Fung, Project Manager, SFUSD Facilities, Design and Construction
  • SFUSD Buildings and Grounds: Carpenter Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Paint Shop, and Plumbing Shop (we love you all!)
  • Ann Marin, Sanchez Principal (for your calm and consistent leadership)
  • Matthew Tozer (for striping re-design)
  • Ana de Arce, Assistant Superintendent Cohort 1 and Regina Piper, Director Cohort 1 (for coaching us through the process in the midst of a pandemic)
  • Fred Spitz, Sanchez Secretary (for site-based project management)


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