Parking Reminders

While Tule Elk Park is at the temporary location on Chestnut street please keep these things in mind:


  • The parking lot behind Marina Middle School belongs to that school. For the safety of their students and staff nobody is allowed to park on their school grounds or parking lot. 

  • Do not park blocking neighborhood driveways. Blocking driveways may result in your car being towed.

  • There is a white zone labeled student drop off with a ten minute parking limit in front of Tule Elk Park but space is very limited. Please give yourself enough time if you have to park further away and walk to the school. 

  • Do not park in the Tule Elk Park School Bus zone during the posted times. The school buses legally can not drop off students unless they are parked next to the curb, if you are blocking any part of that zone you will be ticketed and Tule Elk Park can not do anything to have the ticket revoked. 

  • If you park on Bay Street you must walk around the block or take the sidewalk along the Marina Library to reach the entrance on Chestnut Street. No shortcuts through Marina Middle will be allowed for the safety of their students and staff. 

Thank You For Your Cooperation

We understand how difficult the parking situation is in our current location. We greatly appreciate your cooperation with city parking zones and the safety of all SFUSD staff and students. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.