Applying To Tule Elk Park

Applying For Tule Elk Park Preschool

Plan to tour ahead of time:

If you are considering Tule Elk Park as an option please make sure to plan a tour ahead of time. Once offered a spot for Preschool you will be given a time limit to accept the spot. We cannot accommodate last minute tour requests. School tours are offered the first and third Friday of each month, excluding holidays. You can schedule a tour by calling (415)749-3551.


Fill out your application:

This link will direct you to a walkthrough of the process of applying for Tule Elk Park Preschool. If you need any assistance please feel free to call the Early Education Enrollment Center at (415) 241-6085.

Waitlist info:

It is common for Tule Elk Park to have a waitlist for Preschool enrollment. Tule Elk Park school staff do not have access to this waitlist. If you have any questions about the waitlist process please contact the central office Early Education Enrollment Specialists at (415)241-6085.

This page was last updated on March 17, 2023