Argonne ES Arrival & Dismissal


​Walk, bike or drive! The yard opens at 7:30am at the 17th Ave gate. Plan ahead and arrive early.

All perimeter doors and gates at Argonne are locked from 7:50am – 2:05pm (Wednesdays from 7:50am-12:50pm). During school hours, please ring the bell on the 18th Ave entrance to enter.

Students are considered tardy after 7:51am. If you arrive after classes have gone inside, students must get a tardy slip from the front office. 

If you are driving, please give yourself time to find parking or use Stop, Drop & Go.

Stop, Drop & Go (SDG)

Need to drive and can't find parking? Use Stop, Drop & Go!

SDG is a volunteer-based service relying entirely on parents/families to help kids get out of cars, so their parents do not have to go through the pain of looking for parking around the school and/or block traffic.

When: 7:30-7:50am (SDG is only available in the morning)

Where: 17th Ave - southbound only

Map of streets around Argonne ES with arrows on 17th Ave southbound

Safety First: Do's and Don'ts for SDG

How to use SDG:

  • Drive up 17th Ave, move southbound starting at Balboa going towards Cabrillo
  • If there's a line, don't worry, it moves fast
  • SDG volunteers will direct cars up to the designated white zone at the 17th Ave gate
  • A volunteer will open your door, help your child get out and onto the yard
  • Be patient and careful as you exit at the Cabrillo intersection!

How to Keep the Line Moving Quickly:

  • Do not get out of your car
  • Have your child ready to get out of the car (jackets on, backpacks in hand)!

Keep Everyone Safe:

  • No drop offs on 17th Ave northbound - this forces kids to cross into oncoming cars, no thank you!
  • No passing or jumping the line on 17th Ave – if you've dropped your kid off, please be patient and wait in the line to exit
  • No car drop offs on Cabrillo or 18th Ave
  • Do not double park
  • Do not block our neighbors' driveway


For volunteer information - click HERE.


​Please be safe:

  • DO NOT double park on 17th Ave or 18th Ave 
  • DO NOT park in the bus zone on Cabrillo
  • DO NOT block driveways


Students attending the on-site after school programs should go directly to the following locations for check-in:

  • CASP: Main Yard outside of 1st grade classrooms
  • TRNC: Main Yard outside on the Kickball field
  • YMCA: Multipurpose Room


Students taking Special Education or after school busses will go to the Cabrillo Ave gate. 


Students being picked up by a parent or caregiver will go to the following areas to meet their adult:

  • Kindergarten students are dismissed from the Kindergarten Yard on 18th Ave.
  • 1st-5th graders are dismissed from the 17th Ave gate. 

This page was last updated on March 14, 2024