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School Counselor's Role

The counselor works in collaboration with school staff, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to be an advocate for students in order to maximize student potential and academic achievement, so that students may be healthy and productive members of society. The school counselor assumes a leadership role in the development of an appropriate program of guidance for the school site. Services offered include:

  • Collaboration and consultation with students, teachers, families, and other providers to identify strategies to help student(s) in areas of academics, behavior, and social-emotional well-being.
  • Class schedule; scheduling matters
  • Developing your 4-year graduation plan
  • Dual Enrollment Courses - taking classes at City College to earn credits for high school and college
  • SAT/ACT testing information
  • Finding jobs and internship opportunities
  • Problem-solving around challenging classes
  • Social-emotional support
  • Provides crisis support with school team
  • Connections to community-based organizations (i.e. YMCA, After-school program)
  • Credit recovery classes to make up D's or F's

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  • Ms. Dalmau 628-900-2910

  • Ms. Leung 628-900-2799

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How Do I See My Counselor?

  • Email us to make an appointment!

This page was last updated on November 3, 2022