Student Vue

What is the Student Portal (StudentVUE)?

The Student Portal (StudentVUE) offers secure, private access to your school information. Using StudentVUE you can see assignments, current grades and attendance, and contact your teachers. 

To log in:

  1. Enter in your web browser.Student Portal
  2. Click StudentVUE >
  3. Use your SFUSD username (without the and password to log in.

For a replacement Username or Password, contact your teacher, counselor, or office staff.  

When you log into the Student Portal, the home screen shows your name at the top bar, language choices at the bottom bar, and a navigation bar on the left. Click the bottom bar to choose your preferred language.StudentVUE features

Navigation Menu:

  • Messages - view messages sent from your teachers. You can also see these messages from your email inbox. 
  • Calendar - lists school and district events, including assignments (due, missing, or without grades).
  • Attendance - displays attendance information. The legend below shows what each icon means. 

ParentVUE Attendance Tab

  • Class Schedule - lists period, course title, room name, and teacher for secondary students.
  • Class Websites - displays information created by the teacher. This will show blank if the teacher is not using this tab.
  • Course History - displays a "transcript" of all the courses and grades (for students from grades 6-12).
  • Grade Book - click a Grading period on the top right to see classes and scores from that Grading period. Click on a course Title to see the detailed assignments and scores for that course. You may also click on a teacher's name to email them directly.
  • Report Card - shows term grades and progress reports during the term. 
  • School Information - lists the School Address, Phone Number, Website, and a list of current staff with email addresses.
  • Student Info/Accept Offer - shows student information including student username and default password to log in to Gmail and StudentVUE. 
  • Documents - previous report cards are posted here and can be downloaded as PDF.

This page was last updated on June 3, 2021