Counseling Department


: Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Counseling, 

: Last Names A-Chand, 

: Last Names Chane-Guan E., 

Alicia Schkoll: Last Names Guan F- Li, C,

Celia Chan: Last Names Li, D - Orte,

Bella Chow: Last Names Ortf - Too,  (coming soon)

Aracely Sanchez: Last Names Top-Z,

Melody Wong: Newcomer Counselor,

The Galileo Counseling Department

The counselors at Galileo work collaboratively with students, teachers, families, and partners to focus on student needs both academically but also emotionally. A student is assigned a counselor based on their last name and follows the student throughout their high school career. Parents and guardians are also welcome to meet with the student's counselor. In order to maximize a meeting with a counselor, schedule an appointment ahead of time. You can email the counselors or call (415) 749-3430 and the counselor's extension. The Counseling Office is located in Room 258.

This page was last updated on July 10, 2023