Mission and Goals

FMS PTO: Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals 

The Francisco PTO replaces the PTA (what's the difference?) that previously supported parent activities at the school. In September 2010, parents of the students at Francisco Middle School elected to change to a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) format. The benefits are:

  • Opens membership to all parents, teachers, administrators and community members;
  • Eliminates membership dues;
  • Simplifies the overly complicated administrative forms and procedures of the PTA; and, 
  • Focuses on the students' educational needs, activities, and goals.

The goals of Francisco PTO are to (1) assist in school activities, (2) fundraise for activities, equipment, and learning materials not funded by the school district, and (3) facilitate communication between parents, teachers and students at Francisco Middle School.

To achieve these goals, the Francisco PTO kicks off its fundraising campaign every fall with a General Fund request of cash donations. We also encourage passive fundraising through various channels that bring money into the school without spending an extra penny! The idea is simple - shop at participating stores, search the web, or register your store club and credit cards and Francisco Middle School gets a small percentage of your regular everyday purchases and searches. Please take the time to review the information on the Ways to Contribute page and participate where you can.


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