Program Highlights

Discover all that Drew has to Offer!

  • Parent Academy: In this monthly session, families build skills in technology, financial literacy and engagement in student learning.
  • Black Boy Joy: This program offers monthly meetings with boys and their families to celebrate black boys and support their families, featuring guest speakers, discussions and more to help acknowledge the influence of society on black men. Together we create safety, joy and love for our black boys as they grow.
  • Black Girl Magic: Black Girl Magic is a group for our girls where we celebrate them, provide role models and learn from our history and community to help our girls grow up strong, confident and ready for the world.
  • Infant to Toddler Program: Education, enrichment learning and core literacy and math skills for your little ones starting before they turn three. Fun, explorative  learning ensures your little one can start kindergarten with the core skills they need: basic colors, shapes, numbers, letters, writing, social skills and fine motor skills.
  • Wellness Center: This newly constructed room offers a place for students to take a break, center themselves and get their minds and bodies ready for learning when they become dysregulated. The room includes yoga mats mindfulness games, coloring, fidget toys, soft music and aromatherapy.
  • Mindfulness Project: This educational program, led by our school social worker, helps our students build self esteem and engage positively with peers, so they can leave prepared for middle school. The program also works with parents to help them understand their children's development and needs in this time of pre-adolescence which can be tough.
  • San Francisco Rec and Park: Through a partnership with San Francisco Rec & Park, we are proud to offer our students with enriching athletics opportunities, including co-ed baseball, soccer (both younger students), flag football (fourth and fifth grade) and basketball (everyone except PreK).
  • Friends Of The Children: Through Friends of the Children, students are matched with a mentor from the community who they meet with regularly (in person or via Zoom) to foster a meaningful and trusting relationship. Mentors often take their mentees on outings, and are there to celebrate their victories and to offer support and advice on challenges from first grade through high school graduation.
  • Principal Chat: These sessions offer candid conversations with the principals about concerns and highlights.

This page was last updated on October 20, 2021