The Everett Math Department has an exciting team of collaborative individuals working hard to analyze student results and ensure we have the greatest gains in Math proficiency across all of San Francisco Unified School District this year. We are working hard to align ourselves with the Common Core Standards in Math, and we employ a variety of supports and structures to help them meet this challenge. Through our work with a full-time Instructional Reform Facilitator dedicated to Math coaching and the KEMS/KEYS program, our teachers are engaging in multiple Professional Development and Critical Inquiry opportunities to support our students. Many of our math teachers have an interactive Prometheum Board to provide our students with 21st century learning and make the content exciting and accessible.

Our newest project involves the the STEM/iPad initiative across all middle schools in SFUSD, where students can use iPad technology and software to work at their own individual level to progress through the stages of math development and ensure individualized learning and progress monitoring. Come see our math teams in action during their Common Planning Time, pushing one another and working hard to analyze and understand student thinking, you'll be glad you did!