Jefferson ES Principal Interview 2016

Interview With Jefferson Principal Kim Adams (Fall 2016)

Q. What is your favorite part of being a principal?

A. I like getting to know all the students and seeing them over several years.

Q. Do you have plans for Jefferson students for the upcoming year?

A. We are hoping to have more activities on the yard during lunch.  For example, games that are an alternative to sports.  Next year, we might be able to organize the Education Outside schedule so that we can have activities during recess.

Q. Where are you from?

A. That is a hard question to answer because I moved around. Let’s see:

  • Preschool: Massachusetts
  • Elementary School: Georgia
  • Middle School: Orange County, California
  • High School: Massachusetts
  • Undergrad (college): Vermont, with a year abroad in Florence, Italy
  • 2002+: San Francisco

Q. Are there any Spirit Days planned for this year?

A. I hope to work with the newly elected student council to organize Spirit Days. I will be more involved with the student council this year. And, I want to give them more opportunities to lead this year. The student council elections will happen around the same time as the national/local elections.

Q. Is there room for more equipment in the sheds? Why did the ball cart go away?

A. Yes, the shed can definitely fit more equipment.  There could be student helpers. The reason the ball cart is not practical is that the balls were disappearing and getting lost.

Q. Why is there a new outdoor seating area?

A. We have lots of new benches so that all students can sit at a table.  It is easier and more comfortable for many students and helps keep garbage from flying around. That is why students no longer eat in the garden.

Q. What were you before you were a principal?

A. I was an instructional reform facilitator at Dr. William Cobb Elementary School, supporting teachers by going into their classrooms to help them find better ways to teach.  Before that, I was a classroom teacher.

Q. What is your favorite highlight from last year?

A. It was exciting that Jefferson received the Gold Ribbon Schools Award.  The California Department of Education recognized Jefferson for our science program, which could be a model for other schools.  Other California schools have much less science instruction than Jefferson.

Q. What makes Jefferson different from other schools?

A. I have to say that Jefferson teachers really like to learn and continuously reflect on their practice.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from elementary school?

A. Well, my favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, which may be why I was a 4th grade teacher for so long.  I have a memory from that year: We had Junior Olympics (called Field Day), and I won an award for hula hooping for 45 minutes.  In fact, I only stopped because the school day was over.

Q. What was the last book you read for pleasure?

A. The books I read for my research are also my pleasure reading.  I have found Disability Theory by Tobin Siebers particularly inspiring.  He describes disabilities in a way that has not been done previously.

Q. If a genie granted you 3 wishes for Jefferson students for the year, what would you wish?

A. First, I would wish that Jefferson students always find joy in learning and that they never lose the joy of learning.  I have that myself, and it keeps me going.  Second, I would wish that Jefferson students see the good in each other and not get caught up on what makes someone different; rather, celebrate what makes each person unique. Lastly, I would wish that Jefferson students have fun!!!!

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