Instructional Support Staff

Literacy Coach: Samantha Murray

ARTIF: Gina Bissell

SPED- RSP Teacher: TBA


Librarian: Claudia Macias-Fraser

My name is Claudia Macias-Fraser.  I am your new librarian.  I have worked at SFUSD for 20 years as a (Spanish Immersion-you can take this out if it is irrelevant) classroom teacher for grades K-2 and as a Teacher on Special Assignment in the Multilingual Pathways Department.  This is my first year as a school librarian.  I love to paint, run, and watch movies.

VAPA Art Teacher: Carmen Daniel

VAPA Art Teacher: Carmen Daneil

This is my fourth year here at MXA and my twelfth year with the District.  I have been teaching art for over 20 years.  I have three elementary-aged children of my own.  It’s my passion to share art-making tools and practices with learners all over the city.

VAPA Music Teacher: Peter Govorchin

PE Teacher: Keith Bragas

PE Teacher: Stuart Briggs

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