Children’s After School Arts (CASA) is an independent, nonprofit creative arts after school program with an emphasis on social justice and social emotional development. The CASA program is known for top-notch creative arts programming, with a focus on social justice work and social-emotional development. Our goal at CASA is to provide a safe and enriching space for your child to grow, explore, create and discover. We believe that each child is magical and unique and deserves to be seen!

At CASA we provide creative and performing arts instruction to kindergarten through 5th graders in a safe, comfortable and inspiring environment. Our middle school program, Club 678, reaches Rooftop’s 6th-8th graders.

Classes at CASA include many aspects of visual art, dance, music and theater. Our curriculum focuses on building self-esteem, learning to work together in groups and individual self-expression.

We have a generous scholarship program, allowing the healing power of art to reach a wide variety of children. CASA takes special pride in outreach to children with challenging social, academic and family issues, and we also embrace LGBT families and children who express gender variance.

CASA graduates are known for their remarkable knowledge, appreciation, and love of art; our alumni posses an incredible sense of self and ease of expression. At CASA, children can freely and safely be themselves within the construct of a structured arts curriculum.

CASA produces several arts events annually, which are enjoyed in professional settings and are open to the public. The self-worth that our students experience is evident on their faces as they stand on stage in front of packed houses of applauding fans. Ask any of our students and they’ll tell you, CASA is a magical place!

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This page was last updated on October 17, 2019