Welcome to Rooftop’s middle school program at Mayeda campus!

Here you’ll find details about after-school programs for your 6th, 7th and 8th grade student.

Sports Teams

Rooftop’s sports teams practice after-school, and compete against other SFUSD K-8 and middle schools. Team try outs for most sports occur in the Fall, with the exception of Soccer (Winter tryouts) and Track (Spring tryouts).

Rooftop’s sports teams include:

  • Basketball, Girls & Boys
  • Soccer, Girls & Boys
  • Track, Girls & Boys
  • Baseball, Boys
  • Softball, Girls
  • Volleyball, Girls

Team practices generally start right at the end of the school day. Games are typically held at 3:00 pm, once or twice a week during the season. Finally, each May the community gathers in the Mayeda gym to share a potluck meal & celebrate all teams and the faculty sponsor coaches.

More information on the Middle School Sports Program.


After-school Tutoring

Each of our middle school teachers offer tutoring once or twice a week. Students can ask for help with concepts or work in the classroom to complete their homework. Keep in mind that tutoring is not just for struggling students, it can be beneficial to all!


Extra-curricular Activities

Many of Rooftop’s extra-curricular activities occur during the school day, often at lunch. Some groups do meet afterschool, depending upon availability of staff and/or the students. Rooftop’s extra-curricular groups are listed below; unless otherwise indicated, groups are open to all on a drop-in basis.

  • Student Council
    • Students work with faculty members on school initiatives & to organize various school events.
    • Meets: Wednesday Lunch
    • Election required, although all students are invited to attend meetings
  • Book Club/Homework Club
    • Meets: After-school
  • Chess Club
    • Provides for open chess play during lunch.
    • Meets: Tuesday & Thursday Lunch
  • Dance Committee
    • Students plan school dances for 6th-8th grades.
    • Meets: Friday Lunch
  • Drill Team
    • Students create routines and perform at Community Meetings.
    • Meets: Lunch
  • Math Counts
    • Students participate in math games with faculty sponsor, and the SF Mathlete program in Spring.
    • Meets: Wednesday after-school
  • Music Class
    • Students practice with parent-provided musical instruments
    • Meets: Weekly during class
    • Sign-up required
  • Social Justice Committee
    • Information forthcoming
  • Service Learning
    • Students participate in various community service-oriented projects.
    • Meets: Lunch
    • Sign-up required
  • Yearbook Committee
    • Students work with parent volunteers to design & build out the all-school yearbook.
    • Students gather photography and contribute to page lay out and design.
    • Meets: Friday after-school
  • Newspaper Committee
    • Information forthcoming
  •  Technovation
    • Information forthcoming

As long as there is a Rooftop teacher available to sponsor a group, we can add additional groups. Students with their own ideas for a committee they’d like to start are always welcome to propose the idea to a teacher!

This page was last updated on October 16, 2021