Our Staff

Our Administrators and Coaches

Image of Principal Nick

Mr. Nick - Principal

Picture of Assistant Principal Ms. Brittany

Ms. Brittany (Ms. Bueno) - Assistant Principal

Picture of Mr. Peter

Mr. Peter - Instructional Coach

Operations Staff

Picture of Ms. Sara

Ms. Sara - Secretary

Picture of Mr. Ricardo

Mr. Ricardo - Custodian

Our Counselors


Edith Melendez Counselor

Picture of Ms. Oksana

Oksana Florescu Counselor

Picture of Ms. Sasha

Sasha Rodriguez Counselor/Dean

Ms. Serena

Serena Chan Counselor

Our Student Support Staff

Picture of Viviana

Ms. Viviana - RSP

Picture of Ms. Anna

Ms. Anna - Librarian

Picture of Mr. Marc

Mr. Mark - RSP Access Program

Picture of Ms. Jenny

Ms. Jenny - Paraprofessional​

Picture of Ms. Maryln

Ms. Marlyn - Paraprofessional

Ms. Lesly - Paraprofessional

Picture of Mr. Jonathan

Mr. Jonathan - CYC Internship Coordinator

Picture of Ms. Aubrey

Ms. Aubrey - CYC Internship Program Specialist

Picture of Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kelly - CYC Site Coordinator

Ms. Carina - CYC ASP Assistant Site Coordinator

Ms. Grace

Ms. Grace - RIT Associate Program Manager

Picture of Mr. Ricardo

Mr. Ricardo - RIT Senior Program Coordinator

Mr. Kris - Early College

Our Wellness Staff

Picture of Ms. Joyce

Ms. Joyce - Community Health Outreach Worker

Picture of Nurse Cindy

Ms. Cindy - Nurse

Picture of Ms. Danae

Ms. Danae - Behavioral Health Counselor/ RAMS Therapist

Our T10s & Coaches

Picture of Mr. Jose

Mr. Jose - Athletic Director & T10

Picture of Mr. David

Mr. David - Basketball Coach & T10

Picture of Mr. Daniel

Mr. Daniel - Wrestling Coach & T10

Mr. Yahya - T10

Picture of Mr. Hoa

Mr. Hoa - Technology Support and Badminton Coach

Team Inquiry

Picture of Ms. Katrina

Ms. Katrina - Art Teacher

Picture of Mr. Antoine

Mr. Antoine - PE/Health Teacher

Picture of Ms. Kira

Ms. Kira - Math Teacher


Ms. Roz - English Teacher

Picture of Ms. T

Ms. T - Biology/Chemistry Teacher

Picture of Mr. Rya

Mr. Ryan - World History/Ethnic Studies Teacher

Team Solidarity

Alexis Castañeda - Biology/Chemistry Teacher

Picture of Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily - English & Literacy Teacher

Picture of Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jessica - History Teacher

Picture of Mr. P

Coach P - PE/Health Teacher

Picture of Mr. Tim

Mr. Tim - Algebra and Geometry Teacher

Picture of Ms. Elena

Ms. Elena - Literacy Teacher

Team Tenacity

Picture of Ms. Audrey

Ms. Audrey - History Teacher

Picture of Mr. Danny

Mr. Danny - Biology/Chemistry Teacher

Picture of Mr. Dom

Mr. Dom - Art Teacher

Picture of Harry

Ms. Harry - Algebra/Geometry Teacher

Picture of Jill

Ms. Jill - Literacy Teacher


Ms. Yaqueline - English Teacher

Team Synergy


Ms. Karen - College and Career/Coding Teacher

Picture of Mr. Marc

Mr. Marc - Physics Teacher

Picture of Ms. Nasiha

Ms. Nasiha- US History Teacher

Picture of Mr. Zak

Mr. Zak - Algebra 2 Teacher

Picture of Ms. Zeynep

Ms. Zeynep - American Literature Teacher

Team Limitless

Ms. Heather

Ms. Heather - ​English Teacher

Picture of Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy - Government/Economics Teacher

Picture of Ms. Tiffany

Ms. Tiffany - Math Teacher

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