Wellness Center

Fall 2020 - Distance Learning

The S.F. International High School Wellness Team misses you! We miss having you drop in to say hi, checking in at the pit stop while you hydrate and grab a snack, and seeing you shine in the classroom, on the field, and in the auditorium. 

We are experiencing a global pandemic that has changed all of our worlds dramatically and caused tremendous loss and stress in our communities. People and communities are rising up and using their voices to bring to light the injustices that the Black community, Indigenous communities, and other communities of color have been experiencing for generations. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed and hurt, or maybe motivated and hungry for change. Whatever you are experiencing, we are here to empower and support you in caring for yourself, finding and using your voice, and feeling safe to grow both as individuals and community members in our changing world. 

For the most up to date information regarding SFUSD distance learning and available district resources visit the San Francisco Unified School District Recent Updates for Students and Families page.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19, ways to protect yourself, testing, and health directives, visit the San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 Resources page.

The Wellness Center is open and is here to support you as we continue this journey together! 



Everything in Wellness is confidential, which means that what you share with a Wellness staff member is kept private and will not be shared with teachers, parents, or anyone else. There are 4 exceptions to this rule that you should know about. 

  1. If you tell us that someone is hurting you physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. 
  2. If you tell us that you plan on hurting someone, getting into a fight, etc.
  3. If you tell us that you are going to hurt yourself. 
  4. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while you are at school. 

If we must share your information in order to keep you safe, we will do our best to let you know first.