Equity Vision


At Ulloa Elementary School, we believe when creating equitable access for the most marginalized, we are creating equitable access for all. We strive to provide support necessary for all students to achieve equitable academic, social, and emotional success to become confident and engaged citizens. We commit to creating a fully inclusive community where every member feels nurtured, feels a sense of belonging, and is valued for their multiple identities and experiences.

We commit to these pillars of action:

  • Infrastructure + Process:  Continuous evaluation, introspection, and design of our curricula, resource allocation, policies, and practices to disrupt inequity and increase opportunity 
  • Collaborative Partnership:  Shared responsibility through ongoing communication and engagement with families, students, staff, and community
  • Leadership Capability:  Development of equity-centered thought-leaders throughout the community to advocate for and implement our equity vision

Our Equity Vision Statement is developed by Ulloa’s Equity Design Team comprised of school leadership, staff, families, and our community. We will revisit our Vision and actionable goals every 5 years to ensure its relevance in our evolving school community.

This page was last updated on June 5, 2023