How to Stay Connected with What's Happening at Alamo

We have a number of ways for families to keep abreast of events happening at school.

Make sure to sign up for ParentVUE to establish the communication between you and your child's teacher. All official SFUSD and Alamo information will come through this method.

The Gator Weekly is Alamo’s way of communicating activities and is sent electronically to your email inbox every Wednesday at 3 pm. Families who prefer paper copies will receive available information through the Wednesday Red Envelopes (paper only won’t get you everything!) Note that there is no hard copy version of the Gator Weekly. Occasionally, you will also receive a Wednesday Red Envelope from your teacher with field trip permission slips and sign-up forms.

We also have a monthly school newsletter in English & Chinese, Alamo Matters, which comes out the 1st of the month. The electronic version contains pictures and articles, whereas the paper version is mainly text.

We use ParentSquare (PS) for electronic announcements and messages. This site is password protected, and only members of the Alamo Community have access to the communication shared on Parent Square. Parents and Guardians can email their children's teachers and Alamo staff through PS as well. If you are not on ParentSquare yet, please send a request so our administrator can add you.

Our Facebook page, Friends-of-Alamo-Elementary-School-San-Francisco, is also an excellent sources of information about school-wide events.

Calendars and event reminders can also be found on two bulletin boards just inside the door from the schoolyard, and the SFUSD parent handbook sent home at the beginning of the school year.

Each classroom will also have at least one Room Parent who coordinates classroom events and volunteer opportunities, disseminates information, and serves as the liaison between teacher and parents.

Teachers will also post important messages outside of the classroom doors. There are also many bulletin boards outside of the main office where there is information about the Alamo Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Friends of Alamo School Foundation (FASF), after school programs and community events.

Please contact with any questions/concerns, comments or suggestions for the Alamo Communications Team

This page was last updated on August 26, 2020