English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

What is the ELAC?

More than 100 students at Lafayette speak a language other than English at home and are not yet fluent in English.  These students are our English Learners. The English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) is established to advise the Principal, School Site Council, and school staff on programs and services that benefit Lafayette’s English learners and best practices that benefit all students.  Parents of both English learners and fluent English speakers as well as staff constitute the membership of the ELAC. The ELAC meets about 4-6 times per year in order to:

  • Learn about Lafayette’s English Learners and assess their needs

  • Educate the school community about Lafayette’s English learners and promote programs and services to ensure their success

  • Advocate for families of English Learners

If you are interested in participating in the Lafayette ELAC this year, please complete this quick survey. The ELAC advocates for our English Learners and membership is open to all families at Lafayette.  请问您是否有兴趣参加今年的Lafayette英语学习生委员会(ELAC)? 如果您有兴趣,请完成下面的简短问卷. 尽管英语学习生委员会(ELAC)的主题是服务于英语学习生,Lafayette学校的所有家长都可以申请英语学习生委员会(ELAC)的会员. Están interesados en participar en el programa de ELAC en Lafayette este año? Si ese es el caso, por favor completen esta breve encuesta.  La suscripción para hacerse miembros de ELAC está abierta a todas las familias de Lafayette este año.

Ask Assistant Principal, Mr. Berger, ELAC President, Wynnie Wong, or ELD Teacher, Ms. Brook about how to get involved in the ELAC!