Kindergarten Information

Welcome to Kindergarten

Please see the welcome video linked below!

Welcome to Kindergarten! We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child this year. Please read through all the information below. You will be receiving many forms and notices in the first few weeks of school. Please send them back in your child’s homework folder the next day. If you have any questions, let your teacher know.

IMPORTANT: Please answer the questions in this survey about your child who will be attending kindergarten at Lafayette for the 2022-2023 school year. This survey will be sent to your child's kindergarten teacher, and should be completed within a week of receiving. If you have multiple incoming kindergarteners, please complete the form once for each child. We can't wait to meet you!

Thank you for choosing Lafayette School for your child! Together we will make this a memorable year in your child’s education.

Kindest regards,

The Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Nuts and Bolts

School Hours:  M, Tu, Th, Fri 7:50am - 2:05pm (Kindergarten dismissal is 2:00pm) and Wed 7:50am -12:50pm (Kindergarten at 12:45pm.) Drop off and pick up are on the yard. You must walk onto the yard to drop off and pick up your child. We will eventually restart our stop, drop, and go program, which is a morning car drop off, but families are always expected to get out of their car to get their child for pickup. 

School instruction starts on time, so make sure your child arrives to the school yard on time. Children are supervised on the yard after 7:30 am. Children should go to the cafeteria on rainy days and their teacher will get the children from the cafeteria and walk them to class. If your child comes late, they must go to the office and get a late slip before entering the classroom, so please try not to be late as it is very disruptive to the class.

COVID Safety: All students, staff, and family members must wear a mask while on the yard or in the school, except while eating or drinking. Family members are permitted to come onto the yard to drop off and pick up students, but are not allowed to enter classrooms. Windows and doors will stay open to ensure airflow. Families will complete a home check of COVID symptoms before sending their child to school. PLEASE do not send your child to school with any cold or flu symptoms. If your child develops cold or flu symptoms at home, please notify your teacher immediately so they can ensure we follow the proper protocols.

Messages and Conferences: The school phone number is: 415-750-8483. You may leave a message in the office or email your child’s teacher. We have regularly scheduled parent conferences, once in the fall and another in the spring. Please check your email for updates from your child's teacher.

Meals: Free breakfast and lunch are available at school  for all students. Students may choose to bring a healthy snack and lunch from home. Please make sure both your child’s snack and lunchbox are clearly labelled. The San Francisco Unified District has a healthy food policy. Please provide healthy foods for your child. No sodas, cookies, candy, gum, or chips please. Help your child develop healthy eating habits at an early age in order to grow into a healthy adult!

Attire: Please label all of your child’s clothing. We donate bins and bins of beautiful clothing from our school each year because the clothing is unclaimed! If your child has forgotten something, please come and check the bins under the central stairs to the cafeteria or the yard.

It is expected that you have fully toilet trained your child before they enter kindergarten. If your child does have an accident, you will be called to come and get your child from school. This is a school policy.

Backpacks: Make sure the backpack is large enough to hold a folder and a few books. Please label your child’s backpack. Empty your child’s backpack EVERY day. Please do not have your child bring any “toys” to school, unless it is an assignment. If you find toys or items in your child’s backpack that are not theirs, please send them back the next day so that they may be returned properly.

Water bottles: Please have your child bring a well labeled water bottle to school. They must be able to fill the bottle independently at school. 

Homework: Your child will receive specific activities each night Monday through Thursday the first 2 weeks of school.  After that, your child will be assigned a weekly homework menu where your child must complete at least 6 out of 9 squares during the week. The weekly homework menu assignments are aligned with what your child is learning in class.  Your child's teacher will provide a composition notebook to complete most of the homework assignments in.  Please have your child read with an adult or sibling each and every night at home, in English or your family’s native language.

Wednesday Envelopes: You will receive school news through the Weekly Wednesday E-envelopes informing you of important events going on at Lafayette.  Additional flyers and handouts are included in these emails.  Wednesday envelopes (manila envelope) will be sent home the last Friday of every month. Please take out all the papers, read them, sign the folder and return the folder the next day to the teacher.

Progress reports: Performance reports are sent home in November, February and June. Informal testing is done throughout the year to monitor your child’s progress and help guide teaching. Parent teacher conferences are held in November and February.

Absences that are not due to your child’s illness, medical appointments, or a death in the family are considered “unexcused” by the school district. Parents will receive a truancy report from the district for 3 or more unexcused absences. Please email your teacher and the school at to notify us of an excused absence.

Illness: If your child is ill, please email the teacher or call the office. If your child is ill for 3 or more days, a doctor’s note is required by the office upon returning to school.

Behavior: All kindergarteners are taught to respect all people, living things and property. Please encourage this concept at home as well. Please remind your child that hitting of any kind is not allowed in school, even “play hitting or fighting.” If they have a problem that they can not solve with words, have them ask an adult for help. Please remember that you are your child’s role model. They are looking at you for the “right” way to handle various situations. Your child will copy what they see and hear.

Welcome to Lafayette Elementary!

This page was last updated on August 17, 2023