Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School June 8, 2021
Below we have some information related to finishing out this school year and preparing for some changes for next school year. Currently, SFUSD is planning to provide 5 full days of in-person learning to start the school year on August 16th, 2021. SFUSD will send out (via email and posted on the website) the last issue of the weekly digest for the 2020-21 school year on June 2. SFUSD will send out and post two summer digests on the last Wednesday of June (June 30) and July (July 28). 
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Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School April 1, 2021
At our site, considering the dimensions of our classrooms, furniture limitations, class size limits, plus the number of students who want to return at each grade level, we are able to provide two days per week of in-person learning to those families that requested it.
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Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School June 8, 2020
A Williams Complaint allows a student, family, teacher, or any member of the public, to file grievances regarding K-12 schools for: Insufficient textbooks and instructional materials; Teacher vacancy or misassignment; and. Facility conditions.
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