Marshall Elementary School

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  • School Type

    Elementary School, K-5
  • Estimated Enrollment

  • Principal

    • Peter Avila
  • Hours

    Mo: 8:35 am-2:55 pm
    Tu: 8:35 am-1:40 pm
    We - Fr: 8:35 am-2:55 pm

    Supervision on yard begins at 8:20 AM. Breakfast Club starts at 7:30. If interested in signing up for Breakfast Club, please see Parent Resources Page for more information.

  • School Tour

    Fridays  8:40AM-10:00 October-January. Please call the school to schedule appointment.

  • Uniforms Policy

    White Shirts, Navy Blue pants, skirts, or jumpers with Navy Blue Sweaters.
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  • Neighborhood

  • School Meals

    Breakfast, Lunch
  • School Code

  • About Marshall Elementary School

    Marshall Elementary School is a small community school dedicated to providing a rigorous core curriculum in a positive learning environment. We are full K-5 Spanish Two-Way Immersion program. Our program provides native English speakers and native Spanish speakers the opportunity to become bilingual and biliterate, with the goal that students will be at grade level in both languages by the end of 5th grade. Our academic focus is on English and Spanish language development, as well as science and literacy. Acknowledging the importance that science will play in the 21st Century, Marshall has dedicated itself to become a Science Focus school. Students participate in environmental education opportunities, attend Mission Science Workshops, and participate in Oceans Month activities. Additionally, Marshall was awarded a grant that will bring 21st Century project-based learning opportunities into the classroom.

    Students at Marshall Elementary School are high-achieving, joyful learners—and we actively engage them in the learning process. At Marshall, we believe in allocating resources according to individual needs. We aim to ensure that all community voices are heard, to hold students to high expectations, and to showcase and celebrate student work. We welcome and value parent, teacher, and community input to make collaborative decisions to increase student achievement and promote joyful learning. Our vibrant and growing Parent Teacher Association provides financial funding to support many academic programs.

  • Before School Programs

    Morning Homework Club from 7:30-8:15 a.m.
  • After School Programs

    Mission Graduates, no cost for students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. Implementing for 2015-2016 sliding scale fee for families who do not meet free/reduced lunch criteria. Gr. 1-5: 2:55-6pm (M-Th), 2:55-5pm (F), K: 2:55-5pm. CYO offsite bus pick up at school-fee based. Mission Boys and Girls Club pick up at site, walk students to program.
  • Language Programs

    • Spanish Dual Language Immersion
  • Special Education Programs

    • Resource Specialist services
  • School Day Academic Enrichment

    • Outdoor education program
  • Arts Enrichment

    • Music program
    • Theater
    • Visual arts
    Visual Art for all grades. Music for grades 3-5. Berkeley Rep Theatre in grades K-2, LEAP ARTS in grades 3-5.
  • Student Support Programs

    • Access to nurse
    • Student adviser
    • Speech pathologist
    • Social worker
    • On-site nurse
    • Instructional coach
    • Family liaison
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Marshall Elementary School

Grades K-5

1575 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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8:35 a.m. - 2:55 p.m. (Mon, Wed-Fri) 8:35-1:40 PM