RMS Counseling Team 2024-2025

Students and Families, 

We value your partnership and want to connect with you. Our schedules vary day to day so we appreciate you emailing us to schedule an appointment if you would like to meet. Counselors are typically available on school days from 8:40-4:10.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Bransfield, Mrs. Maikisch, and Ms. Acosta

Meredith Bransfield

6th Grade/Head Counselor

Shelby Maikisch

7th Grade Counselor

Jan Acosta 

8th Grade Counselor


What Can My Counselor Help Me With?

A school counselor's role is to assist students in three domains: Academic, Social/Emotional and College/Career.

Some examples include:


  • Support with any academic needs that may arise.

  • Help develop organizational skills and productive study habits.

  • Collaborate with teachers and families to monitor progress and ensure students are meeting their goals. 

Social Emotional

  • Facilitate conflict resolution using restorative practices.

  • Support with social skills and fostering opportunities to build new friendships.

  • Help students understand and manage emotions.

  • Provide strategies to navigate complex life experiences.

  • Help with connecting to clubs or other activities to build a sense of community.

  • Provide referrals or information about community resources available in San Francisco.

College and Career

  • Facilitate exploration of interests as they pertain to high school, college and future career options.

  • Support the high school selection and application process.

  • Arrange visits to institutions of higher learning.

Vision and Mission


The vision of Roosevelt’s Counseling Department positions students to be high-achieving lifelong learners who are academically and technologically prepared for their careers and futures. Roosevelt students are compassionate members of society who are socially responsible and stand up for social justice. Students have a strong sense of self and purpose, value their emotional wellness, and are committed to their personal growth. Roosevelt students thrive in an environment that sparks their drive to be global citizens in the 21st Century world.



The mission of the Roosevelt Middle School Comprehensive Counseling Program is to support students in developing a positive sense of self in their academic, college/career, and social emotional lives. This includes utilizing a multi-tiered system of support to deliver counselor-facilitated curriculum, small and large group instruction and data-driven interventions to strengthen students' understanding in each domain. In partnership with students, families, and the community, Roosevelt school counselors foster an academic environment that sees the whole student and works collaboratively to reach their goals.



  • All students have the right to access a school counselor

  • The school counselor is an advocate for all students

  • All students deserve to be members of a school community that is culturally compassionate and responsive

  • All students can learn to be resilient in the face of challenges.

  • All students have dignity and worth.

  • School counselors serve as leaders and collaborators in assessing barriers to academic success and social-emotional wellness.

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