RMS cell phone policy

What is the official policy for cell phones at Roosevelt MS?

At Roosevelt, electronics (cell/smart phones, airpods, & smartwatches) must be off and out of sight at all times during the school day including before school, lunch, before the bell and after-school program.

Can I use my phone before school?

No.  Once you are on campus, your phone must be off and away in your backpack.

I can use it at lunch right?

No. Cell phones must be off and away all day.  It will be confiscated if out at lunch.

Can I have my airpods in?

No. Airpods will be confiscated if seen at any time during the school day.

What about my smartwatch?

Smartwatches must be off and away too.  It is considered an electronic and will be confiscated if seen.

What if my phone goes off during class or lunch?

If we hear your phone, it will be confiscated.

What if I refuse to give these up?

You will receive a lunch detention, a call home, and your electronics must be turned into the office every day for five days.

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This page was last updated on August 28, 2023