JCYC ETS( Educational Talent Search)


JCYC (Japanese Community Youth Counsel) ETS (Educational Talent Search) 

JCYC ETS at Roosevelt Middle School

The mission of JCYC ETS in middle school is to promote Higher Education through College Access.  At Roosevelt, we offer tutoring and help students learn about college and future careers through field trips and presentations.  JCYC ETS is funded by a TRIO grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  All of our services are free.  All students need to complete an application to participate in JCYC ETS activities.


Academic Support

JCYC offers drop-in lunch Academic Support in the library.  We also offer after school Academic Support  Monday through Thursday after school support (2:45-4:45) in collaboration with the Beacon after school program.  Educational Advisor Mr. Francisco Sandoval and part-time Academic Coaches work with students.



Introduction to JCYC ETS / Study Skills (6th grade): The presentation includes a custom Jeopardy game with questions about JCYC ETS services, study skills, test taking tips, high school, and college.        

High School Enrollment Process (8th grade): This presentation, also in the form of a Jeopardy game, helps students learn about the different types of schools, how to choose a high school, how the district assigns students to schools, and important dates.

Career Exploration (7th grade): Students take an interactive career assessment on the internet designed to help them match their skills and needs to different jobs.

Career Day (all grades): Speakers from many different career paths talk about their professions and help students understand the connection between academics and future careers.

Preparing for College (8th grade): Students discover the reasons to attend college, basic college facts and admission requirements, and what students need to do to get to college. 

High School Student Panel (8th grade): Participants learn what high school is like from Roosevelt alumni who now attend San Francisco high schools.


Field Trips

High school visits for 8th graders

College visits (UC Berkeley, San Francisco State, ETC)


If you would like to contact JCYC ETS, please feel free to contact JCYC Educational Advisor, Mr. Francisco Sandoval at <fsandoval@jcyc.org> or come by the JCYC ETS office located in the library. To join JCYC ETS, please fill out an application on their website. 


This page was last updated on June 3, 2022