Administration and Staff

Principal's Message

Principal Rosa Fong

Principal Fong began her career with the San Francisco Unified School District in 1993 and her tenure at Alamo in 2011.

Principal Fong's Message

Be a Friend. This is Alamo School’s motto, and we are very proud of our school. Alamo School’s success is a result of wonderful students, supportive parents, dedicated teachers and staff. Alamo’s rigorous curriculum is designed to meet the various educational needs of our children. We are extremely committed to academic excellence and believe that the fundamental skills of reading, math, and language arts are of the highest priority in the education of our students.

Here at Alamo, we have created a safe and supportive environment that enhances the joy of learning for our students. As educators we believe it is our responsibility to teach and model the importance and values of inclusiveness, acceptance and respect.

Administrative Team

Principal - Rosa Fong

Assistant Principal - Mia Yee

School Secretary - Shellie Wiener

Classroom Teachers

Program Teachers

Resource Specialist - George Keller

Librarian - Colette Lafia

Physical Education - Ann Murphy

EL Teacher/Coordinator - Laura Wong

Instrumental Music - Monica Perry

Dance - Mershon Illgner

Drama - Gordon Stevens

Paraprofessional Educators

Holly Collins

Ruby Fung

Mark Gayapa

Jennie Ho-Tran

Mikey Tak

Calvin Tran

Kate Werkhoven

Diane Yee

Support Staff

Social Worker - Vida Sanford, Alamo Wellness Room

Speech Pathologist - Guillaume Burel

Psychologist - Aileen Liu

Cafeteria Manager - Christine Chan

Custodians - Eduardo Olivera and Ivy Leung

Lunchtime Monitors - Francesca, Harkins, Don Huey, Mary Lim, Lawrence Liu and Diane Matsumura

Office Support - Vivien Pellegrini