Argonne ES Extended Year Schedule

July 2024 Summer Session Canceled Due to Reroofing Project

The SFUSD Facilities, Design, and Construction Department has initiated a two-phase project at Argonne to tear down and install a new roof. Due to this two-phase project, we cannot host Summer Sessions this July 2024 and  students will start school on August 19, 2024. Summer Session in July 2025 is currently not canceled and relocation opportunities are being explored.

The first phase is expected to run from June 5 to August 16, 2024. Reroofing includes a new roof and mechanical system for the section of the building covering the Multipurpose Room, the school kitchen, the new TK classroom, and the classroom serving many of our students with IEPs. Phase two will include the roof over the library and all other classrooms, waterproofing the decks in the outdoor garden areas on the second and third floors.

Not only is Summer Session an integral part of the Argonne culture and identity, but many of you depend on Summer Session and plan accordingly. SFUSD is offering the following: 

  1. All students in our SDC (Special Day Classes) can attend Extended School Year (ESY) during the summer. Transportation is available. Here is the information.  
  2. The Shared Schoolyard Program, which opens the playground during weekends, will be suspended during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project in the summers, and the yard will be closed. 
  3. Summer Camp Options:

What Is Extended Year?

Argonne’s school year starts in July and the students participate in approximately one month of additional instruction. Starting in August, Argonne follows the standard SFUSD school calendar.

The Benefits of Extended Year Education

It’s great for everyone! Teachers have more time to focus on providing enrichment activities and project-based learning, while students stay more engaged with their learning throughout the year.

2023-2024 School Year

Summer Session: July 5-28, 2023

  • July 5-14 // Kindergarten Session A
  • July 17-28 // Kindergarten Session B
  • July 5-28 // 1st - 5th Grade

Kindergarten students attend a ~10-day summer session (Session A or B).
1st - 5th grade students attend all ~20 days of summer session.

Incoming Kindergartners can expect an email with a Google Form where you can share more information about your student(s) and which session you prefer. The school does their best to accommodate everyone's preferences.

Fall / Spring Session: August 16, 2023 - June 4, 2024

Students will get a two week break before coming back to school on August 16, 2023. Fall / Spring Session follows the standard SFUSD school calendar with the same breaks and holidays.

2024-2025 School Year

CANCELED - Summer Session: July 5-28, 2024
July 8-19 // Kindergarten Session A
July 22-August 2 // Kindergarten Session B
July 8-August 2 // 1st - 5th Grade

Fall / Spring Session: August 19, 2024 – June 4, 2025
Instruction follows the SFUSD school calendar.

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