Chinese Characters

Students are expected to independently read all 62 characters by the end of the year.

Students are expected to independently write 40 characters by the end of the year. Students do not need to write asterisked (*) characters.

Two characters will be taught each week.

Handy resource: Stroke orders of all the K characters

Chinese Character Meaning Jytuping Prounciation
喜歡 like hei2 fun1
看見* see hon3 gin3
one jat1
two ji6
three saam1
four sei3
five ng5
six luk6
seven cat1
eight baat3
nine gau2
ten sap6
mountain saan1
高* high/tall gou1
belonging to dik1
person jan4
個* measure word for unit; piece go3
big daai6
up soeng6
down haa6
在* at zoi6
have jau5
hand sau2
很* very han2
隻* measure word for certain animals, containers, small boats, paired things, etc zek3
small siu2
mouth hau2
孩* child haai4
家* family gaa1
day jat6
也* also jaa5
I/me ngo5
指* finger zi2
moon/month jyut6
兩* two/pair loeng5
water seoi2
來* come loi4
is si6
female neoi5
媽* mother maa1
爸* father baa1
horse maa5
朋友 friend pang4 jau5
go heoi3
這* this ze3
fire fo2
不* no/not bat1
you nei5
們* an adjunct to a pronoun or noun to indicate plurality mun4
heart sam1
鳥* bird niu5
sky tin1
地* ground dei6
flower faa1
朵* measure word for flowers and clouds do2
fruit guo3
star sing1
他/她 he/she taa1
male naam4
rain jyu5
wood muk6
和* and wo4

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