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Raise money for Dianne Feinstein Elementary School (DFES), simply by shopping as you normally do at Amazon. There is no sign up involved and no additional cost – just click on the DFES Amazon link above to get to Amazon and then fill your shopping cart – 7% of your purchase will go to Dianne Feinstein Elementary School. That’s much more than the 0.5% donated through AmazonSmile. And it’s easy to get to this link, you can bookmark this page or simply type in your browser “". Remember ""!


It really works: we've earned over $11,200 (11/2010 - 5/2014). Just think. Our school has over 500 students. If 500 families purchase an average of $100 a month on Amazon using our link, DFES would receive $42,000 in just one year. That's enough to fund school wide Art Enrichment AND the entire Outdoor Education Program!


Step 1 LINK: Visit and click on our link

Step 2 SHOP: Shop as usual on Amazon, add items to your cart within 24 hours

Step 3 CHECKOUT: Check out as usual.


For those of you who've been paying attention - yes, it used to be with a hyphen. But to make things even easier, we're getting rid of the hyphen. So it's now just Note that will still work until we phase it out in Nov 2018.




Order matters: You need to link, shop, and check out, in that order. If you don’t click on our link first, but go to Amazon in your usual way, put things in your cart, and then remember to click on the link and check out – your sale will not earn us funds. You have to click our link before you put anything in your cart.


The clock matters: You have 24 hours from when you click the link to put an item in your cart; after that you will need to click the link again. If you click the link, put something in your cart within 24 hours, but don’t want to buy it right away, that is fine – the purchase will still earn us funds if you finalize it within 90 days: just remember to click the link before you checkout.


One purchase session per link session: Arriving at Amazon through our link is good for 24 hours or until you actually place your order – after that, you need to link again. So if you link, complete a purchase, and then need to make another purchase – you have to link again in order for the purchase to earn us funds.


You won’t see anything that identifies you as a DFES shopper. Don’t worry - as long as you used the DFES Amazon link and follow the order and clock guidelines, your purchase will count.


Shop Amazon





I didn’t receive any indication that a percentage of my purchase was going to DFES. The Amazon site doesn’t look any different so I can’t tell if it’s working. Is this okay?

Yes. Amazon doesn’t give you any indication that a percentage of your purchase is going to DFES. After you click the link on this page, you will see the letters “dianfeinelems-20” in the url. You are on the right track!


I usually just type in “" in my browser when I want to shop on Amazon. Is there an easy way for me to get to this DFES link?

Yes. Instead of typing in “" in your browser, just type in “". It’s an easy habit change.


Can friends and family use this link?

Yes, please share with friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts and anyone who would like to contribute to our wonderful school. There’s no limit to how much we can raise. Some schools have earned nearly $10,000 in one fiscal year from their Amazon link. Let’s help DFES do the same.


How does DFES get the funds?

Amazon deposits the funds into our PTA account on a monthly basis. It’s so easy, it’s like magic.


I’ve heard that the AmazonSmile program will donate to charitable organizations including DFES?

Clicking the link on this page gives 7% to our school, much more than the 0.5% donated by AmazonSmile.

So is the way to go!


Is this program secure? Absolutely! All purchases are made through No account, payment, or order information is collected or processed by us. It's exactly like shopping directly through, except that we receive a percentage of your purchase when you access Amazon through our website. Free to you, invaluable to us!


What's the catch? Am I paying a higher price on purchases? 

There is no catch and no extra fees. The price and shopping experience through is exactly the same as it would be if you went to Amazon directly.


Where does the donation money come from?

Amazon is simply giving us a referral fee for sending customers their way via our website. You can think of our website as a salesperson driving customers to Amazon and the donation money is our sales commission.


I want to put an item in my cart and purchase it later. Will DFES still get credit if I do this?

Yes as long as you place the item in your cart within 24 hours of clicking our link and you finalize your purchase within 90 days. All items already in your Amazon cart BEFORE clicking the link will not give the school a reward. Clicking the link will give the school a reward for what you buy within the next 24 hours, so if in doubt, click the link again before adding what you want to order to your cart.