Academic, Social, Emotional Development

Academics and Enrichment

DFES teaches the tools students need to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. California Content Standards are the foundation for core and encore subjects, and we provide a wide variety of enrichment opportunities so that our students receive a well-rounded experience.

Social Development

The Caring School curriculum is a nationally recognized, research based elementary school program that focuses on strengthening students' connectedness to school -- an important element for increasing academic motivation and achievement.

Elements of the curriculum include classroom meetings, cross-grade "buddies," home-side and school-wide activities.

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice involves the building of positive relationships and establishing a supportive environment that is fair, consistent and democratic. It involves interventions when harm has happened, as well as practices that help to prevent harm and conflict by creating a sense of belonging, safety, and social responsibility within the school community.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports

We concentrate on the POSITIVE!

Our school wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions) promote our core values:

Be caring and kind.

Be respectful.

Be safe and responsible.

Do your personal best.

All faculty and staff have pink tickets handy for students to earn for showing kindness, caring, respect, safe choices, responsibility, and doing their personal best. Families, please support our efforts by asking your child(ren) what exactly they did to earn them, and help and encourage them to write name, room number, and a brief description on the back (if they haven’t already done so). Students turn in pink tickets weekly to enter the drawing to attend our PINK TICKET DANCE PARTY which includes music, dancing, healthy snacks, games and free books

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