Earning Credits

Earning Credits

DHS Credit Policy (during distance learning)

  • It is possible to earn up to 15 credits per project every six-week grading period for a total of 45 per semester. 

  • Downtown High School awards variable credits.  Schoolwork is how you earn credits. No work means no credits. If a student only completes half of the work, s/he can only earn half of the credits.

  • Each hour of the school day counts as a period.  There are four periods per day except Fridays, when there are two periods.

  • Students/families need to communicate with the teachers when a student has a valid reason to miss class.  Regardless of the reason for absence, communicate with the teachers regarding making up class assignments.


I want MORE credits

Ways to earn more credits

Edgenuity CoursesThese courses are taken online to accelerate credits accrual for graduation.  

Night School (City College) – City College offers a variety of different options for high school juniors and seniors.

Wellness GroupsThe groups will be offered online.

Job/Work CreditIf you have a job or will get one while attending Downtown High School, we can give you elective credits.

JVS Internship - The Success 21 Program provides job readiness and success & retention skills online. 

Library - The library offers Book Club and Independent Reading for credit.

This page was last updated on December 10, 2020